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“Greening” Business Security

As luck would have it, in addition to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this week I stumbled on the realization that corporations can now get “in-the-green” by leveraging their existing IP network for all of their physical security needs in addition to their normal business data.

As a member of our digital surveillance team here at Seagate, I’ve been drinking from the fire hose on how our SV35 Series and Barracuda ES HDDs play a part in the business of physical security. On a personal note, I’ve started counting the number of times each day I see surveillance in operation. A testament to the growth in this market, I’ve been amazed at the places I’ve noticed cameras in action – from the mom and pop restaurant my husband and I visit weekly to the ATM, gas stations and parking lots on the college campus my daughter attends. Nanny cams at work everywhere!
What I’ve learned is that whether it’s access control, intrusion detection, people, property and asset protection, it can all be done more affectively and with greater efficiencies with drives designed specifically for the non-stop world of security. These are hard working drives and must provide the confidence that enterprise-class drives can deliver. These high demand drives must optimize performance, capacity and reliability due to the exhaustive needs that constantly streaming high-definition video demands. The shift is underway to move away from legacy analog to digital IP-based surveillance. Check out the video from the Safe & Secure TV Channel to learn more about using your existing IT infrastructure.

Imagine the power savings that these systems can provide to a business by shutting down unnecessary lights, heating/cooling systems based on the video analytics of building occupancy resulting in real energy savings – yet another feather in your green IT hat.
Best of all with IP networking, you can monitor your business remotely anytime from anywhere …. making your friends “green” with envy.

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