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The many faces of storage devices designed to stream video

There’s nothing like listening to live music.  While a single artist playing an acoustic song can be rewarding,  the experience is heightened when there’s a band with a drummer, a bass player, a lead guitarist and some good vocals working in concert to really hit home with each member of the audience.  Different strokes for different folks, they say.  

Like a good band, it takes a variety of instruments to meet the needs of  the varying types of users looking for a storage device to stream video.  Whether it’s the the home user looking for a standalone DVR solution with low power requirements (ie: Seagate Pipeline HD) or a small business needing a high-performing PC-based standalone DVR (ie: Seagate SV35 Series) or an enterprise business looking for a reliable centralized surveillance solution (ie: Seagate Barracuda ES) or even a mobile user needing a HDD built to withstand the rugged environment in which it lives (ie: Seagate EE25 Series), all need to work in concert to deliver streaming video at it’s best — the optimum song for each individual.

We’d like to hear from you. Tell us what makes you sing.

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