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Shhhhh!! Quiet Computing

It doesn’t matter whether it’s in your home or your data center, having a quiet PC or storage system is always a good thing. In fact, there are organizations and websites dedicated exclusively to this area of computing. And because April 28, 2010 marks the 15th anniversary of International Noise and Awareness Day, let’s highlight some folks within our tech industry who enjoy keeping things quiet.

SilentPCReview has been testing and writing on the subject of quiet PC components now for over 8 years and are the leading Internet authority on the subject. In their regularly updated feature on recommended hard drives , the SPCR staff measures vibration and noise in their very own anechoic chamber, enabling extremely accurate test measurements.

Seagate’s own design teams remain focused on continually improving all areas of environmental specifications, from reducing power consumption and heat, to minimizing acoustic vibration and noise. So we’re not surprised that numerous Seagate drives made it on SPCR’s list of recommended drives.

Many specialized VARs also focus on quiet computing exclusively and cater to selling into this market. AcousticPC, based out of Kendall, Florida, is one such reseller. They even recently created an educational video tutorial series titled, “How to Build a Quiet High-Performance PC.” The powerful system in the four-part series features an array of Seagate Cheetah NS.2 600GB drives. This drive configuration provides the capacity and performance needed for both server work or demanding power-user applications including video editing, all while remaining efficient with low power and acoustic specifications.

SilentPCReview and AcousticPC: two organizations spreading the word that it’s definitely o.k. to be quiet.


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