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Best laptop drive combines HDD and SSD

IT managers are recognized as the best source of information when it comes to any IT decisions being made inside or outside of your organization. While you’re dealing with the headaches of managing petabytes of information, you’re also being asked to identify the top technologies for “my group’s high performance workstations” or “my gaming PC at home”.

Be a hero! Tell them about the latest in notebook HDD technology – the Seagate Momentus XT, a solid state hybrid drive that offers real world performance at one-fourth the price of SSD. These client-based notebook drives (250GB, 320GB and 500GB) will knock their socks off with the intelligent learning performance capabilities and you’ll also be saving them money!  Better yet, point them to the Live Webcast on Wednesday at 2pm EST.
The real power is in the on board solid state memory with an intelligent self learning algorithm called Adaptive Memory. Adaptive Memory is designed to learn and anticipate the most demanding needs, delivering custom-tailored performance for every user. This allows the drives to operate up to 90% faster during everyday 8×5 workloads and with up to 60% faster boot times in laptops. (Personally, I’d love to have my laptop boot faster. That single point alone makes this drive worth a solid look!)
Although it’s not the right drive for use in your high performance servers in the data center (no RV tolerance) using Savvio HDDs or the new Pulsar SSDs for those performance-hungry, high availability solutions will keep things running smoothly “inside the data center”.
Momentus XT is perfect for the needs of those performance-oriented notebook and workstation-friendly comrades.  I’m sure they will thank you big time for recommending this little solid state hybrid drive.

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