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Do IT Professionals care what’s under the covers when it comes to their equipment?

Yes they do! IT Pros know what drive brands are spinning inside their equipment.  OEMs may want all of us drive guys to be strictly vanilla but to IT pros, there is a difference …especially when it comes to enterprise storage.   Each month IT Brand Pulse selects a handful of product categories and asks IT professionals who they perceive as the leader in these particular enterprise categories in 5 critically important areas including:

  • Performance
  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Service & Support
  • Innovation

Now these IT Pros have spoken on behalf of the hard drives they entrust their critical data to …24×7 every day!    In the April 2011 Brand Leaders Survey of IT professionals, Seagate emerged as the market leader in Enterprise HDDs and swept all six categories for Enterprise Hard Drives.  From the list of top storage vendors including Hitachi,  Western Digital and others, Seagate was selected as the preferred brand.

It’s no wonder… considering the random read performance of Savvio 15K.3 at 275 I/Os per second or the cost-effective pricing of  Constellation ES.2 at $0 .11/GB or the Savvio 10K.5 with its’ industry-leading 0.44% AFR in field-proven reliability. And with over 30+ years of enterprise experience available to IT pros through our service & support group combined with last month’s record-breaking announcement of 42 new enterprise products (or the 225 million enterprise drives shipped), it’s easy to see why IT Pros the world over look to Seagate for innovative hard drives for their enterprise storage solutions.

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