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Laying out the SSD enterprise trends for 2012

Enterprise data centers must evolve, according to IDC’s Jeff Janukowicz, since the world will consume a full six times the amount of data that exists today – all within the next 5 years. In a recent ChannelCast webinar that also included CRN’s Joseph Kovar and Seagate’s Rich Vignes, Janukowicz reminded viewers not to forget that it was data itself that was really at the center of our digital universe.

He was of course referencing the great annual study conducted by IDC and sponsored by EMC, after which he went on to explain how this will relate to SSD use. SSDs will certainly complement system architectures in the overall hierarchy, but Janukowicz further lays the foundation of just how and where that will occur.

And what about the vendor trends around SSD that will help fuel further growth and adoption? Joseph Kovar took on this topic by discussing not only Single-Level Cell (SLC) vs. Multi-Level Cell (MLC) technology in SSDs, but also how the software and controller technology has changed. For example, Kovar noted that many applications now can be made aware of SSDs and therefore take advantage of specific benefits in their use.

At the device level, SSDs have advanced greatly, and work from organizations including the Storage Performance Council and JEDEC have significantly helped with the process of endurance and performance standardization. This is just one area that Rich Vignes of Seagate covered. He also discussed the differences between enterprise and client-class SSDs, from which the ChannelCast itself was titled.

Interested in knowing more? Although the live event is now over, the ChannelCast presentation is now available to view here. Simply register and then you’ll be sent to the download page. I must say it was refreshing to listen in and view the presentation from these industry experts. And I also came away from it with a much better understanding of what we can expect within the enterprise in the year ahead and beyond. I hope you do as well!

After viewing the presentation, let us know what questions or thoughts you have. Do your experiences differ from the presenters? You can post here or at our Facebook page.

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