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Forget Big Data, Large Data is where it’s at!

Big Data is all the rage in enterprise IT, but let’s face it, the concept of data analytics is, well…not that exciting. But, when it comes to jaw dropping stats like storing, accessing, distributing, and rendering hundreds of 1080p videos simultaneously to multiple sites spanning 11,000 Km…then we’re talking serious high performance computing.

That is what Seagate partner Xyratex along with Orange Silicon Valley and Bay Microsystems unveiled at this years ISC12 (the international conference on high performance computing) in Hamburg, Germany. According to the Bay Microsystems press release, “Several hundred high resolution, HD 1080p, videos are being stored, accessed, distributed and rendered on the video wall over the multi-site Lustre FS running on just two Xyratex ClusterStor™ 3000 SSU’s.  The Lustre FS uses global reach extensions and RDMA, provided by Xyratex, to distribute and stream jitter free, low-latency content over long distances.  Using the Bay Microsystems IBEx™ M40 WAN optimization gateway, the native server fabric is extended as if the servers were in the same location.  This is the first time anywhere that such large amounts of multi-session, multi-media data is being accessed and rendered in a dynamic and long-range network situation.  Uses for such capability are seen to extend far beyond content distribution.“ Source: PR Newswire.

High Performance Computing (HPC) has long been associated with university think tanks, research foundations, data modeling, and super computing alike, but where it’s starting to rear its head is in the area of the cloud. Face it, in order to advance the cloud, there needs to be advancement in performance, scalability, and reliability, especially when it comes to delivering “large data” applications like HD video streaming, or running mission critical applications, something that large enterprise customers are reluctant to do, what better, more proven solution than HPC?

According to the press release, Bay Microsystems and Orange Silicon Valley were able to deliver the hundreds of 1080p videos over 11,000 Km by using just 2 of Xyratex’s Lustre 3000 SSU’s (Scalable Storage Units). Imagine what a rack of 7 of these SSU’s could do.

Where do you see HPC playing in the cloud?

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