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Why enterprise IT adopts cloud computing? It’s very emotional.

The cloud is just a fad.

Okay, maybe the term “cloud” is a bit overused and abused, but it by no means is a fad. It’s the next evolution of compute, storage, and networking, and according to this infographic from The Everest Group and Cloud Connect, the argument that the cloud lacks enterprise adoption lacks all of the facts.

But, the stats and charts are only half of the story here.

The one thing I pulled out of this infographic more than anything is the disconnect between how the cloud is “marketed and sold” and why enterprises adopt it in the first place. Near the bottom of the graphic, there is a small table that compares buyers and sellers in the cloud space, and the perceptions as to the reasoning for cloud adoption.

Sellers and/or marketers tout the lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as the number 1 reason, while that ranks towards the bottom for buyers. The real reason enterprise are adopting the cloud: speed.  Not speed in terms of compute, storage, or network performance, but speed in terms of their own personal abilities to get compute, storage, and network resources up and running and scalable for the customers they serve:  fellow employees.

This screams emotional buying behavior – if you are a fan of the benefit ladder where you “list your products’ functional attributes on one side, and your customers’ reported emotional benefits on the other”, this would sit squarely in the emotional benefits tier of the ladder.  ”You can do your job faster, and be a hero to your fellow employees.”

Perhaps too much of the marketing and sales speak around the cloud is focused on the functional benefits, and not enough on the emotional ones. Then again, maybe not, given this infographic says the cloud is growing in adoption just fine.

But, could adoption be growing even faster?

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