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How to make enterprise hard drives faster


“Do the data center solutions of the present and future need faster hard drives, or is bigger and cheaper the rule of the day given the sheer amount of unstructured data being stored? Let’s face it, such unstructured data was created somewhere at sometime, and the creation of data is highly dependent upon IOPS more than anything.  SSDs have been the answer as of late, but that solution remains expensive and limiting for many customers to deploy at mass scale.”

This is the question I posed in my blog post “Is there a market for a faster enterprise hard drive?“ on Seagate’s The Storage Effect blog today. Coincidentally, on LinkedIn we were talking “fast” enterprise drives just this week on Data Storage Professionals discussion: Future of 3.5″ Enterprise Disk Drives. The discussion centers on the end of the era of the 3.5-inch 15K hard drive, and what the future holds for companies needing 450GB or 600GB capacities on a 15,000 RPM design.

One, it was great to hear that 15K drives are still in high demand, which Seagate recognizes, and two, that SSD is not the answer for everything, and that there is a market for faster enterprise hard drives.

Read more about how, potentially, we can make the fastest enterprise drives even faster.

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